Sustainable living - choice or force?

Sustainable living – choice or force?

Going green used to be the lifestyle choice of society’s drop-outs, of the economically challenged, the anti-establishment and the so-called hippies.

Yet sustainable living is fast becoming a way of life for everyone. With climate change and global warming going ape, we don’t seem to have much choice or say in the matter anyways.

Zebra crossing. By Nikodemis

Zebra crossing. By Nikodemis

The importance of environmental awareness

Whether you wear a tie, hold a 9-5 job, do random stuff for money, stay in a house, crash in a box, park in an apartment, or live on a farm. Anyone can become more cool about the environment.

First step is to makes some changes: simplify your life. Cut the frills. Chuck the distractions.

That first step is going to take you places.

Be my guest and step right in . . .

by Nikodemis