To meat or not to eat? What do YOU think?

To meat or not to eat? What do YOU think?

"Lady Gaga Americano meat dress" by John Robert Charlton

“Lady Gaga Americano meat dress” by John Robert Charlton

From the sustainability e-magazine Urban Eco Life‘s September ’15 edition comes this article:

Swedish authorities are planning to introduce a meat tax, to both reduce consumption and stimulate the country’s agricultural sector.

A spokesperson said that animals are a very inefficient way of providing nutrition and areas used in Sweden for meat production could rather be used to produce biogas or fertilizers.

The Swedish market for vegetarian alternatives to meat and dairy is expanding rapidly and venturing into this market could future-proof the Swedish farming industry and improve its competitiveness. Livestock that eats imported food also has an impact. — Eagle

What do YOU think?

by Nikodemis