Green Education: Anarchy rules, make your own schools...?

Green Education: Anarchy rules, make your own schools…?


Bones and pyramids. By Nikodemis

Home jobs, DIY. Now that‘s Anarchy in its purest form. To hell with everyone, I’m gonna do this myself. Fred Astaire’s MY WAY.

Do-It-Yourself shows no respect for authority, no one else to lean on or bow down to. But it also requires responsibility – no one to point fingers at, no one else to blame. When things go pear shaped.

And then again, there is also no one else to take the credit – when it works out just right.

Self-help, self-medication, self-education a lah Mitra.

Green Anarchy? Murray Bookchin called it “Social Ecology”, which waves the green  flag instead of the red flag of destructive and violent anarchy  – or the black flag of punk-like piracy.

Green revolution? It is evolving. Growing.

Growing into cool directions, like Home Schooling. Un-schooling.

How did the hippie drown?

By falling onto the mainstream.

Go with the flow and join green. Green is mean. Green is the color of the new (r)evolution.

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by Nikodemis