Sowing the seeds of love


Reap what you sow, they say. Well, I gotto say, harvesting love is really cool.

Changing the world, as we know, starts with myself. At home. Saving the world, it goes to follow, also starts with myself. At home. So I say, let’s change the world AND save it – one SEED at a time.

This is my veggie patch at home one month ago:

My veg patch

THIS is how I change the world. And save myself.

And FEED my family.

It’s so simple. And soooo beautiful. Not to mention – sooo delicious.

And healthy.

Now look at my veggie patch:

veg patch nov 15 nr 5

Beans, cabbage, herbs, spinach, beetroot, chilly peppers, tomatoes, pumpkins, green peppers, and yes even papinos in the middle of suburbia, Joburg South Africa…

veg patch nov 15 nr 2 veg patch nov 15 nr 4

Have you started your veggie patch yet?

I’m loving it!

Check here for some ideas u can try for yourself to boost the growth and yield of your vegetable garden.

With love.