Wicked waste can work wonders


Feel it. See it. Touch it. Smell it.


Everywhere we look and in every direction we turn our upturned noses: smelly garbage.

joburg waste 4

This is what Johannesburg’s streets look like today – and it’s likely to look even worse moving forward as the waste management system’s workers’ strike continues with no end in sight.

But this is not a unique or once-off thing, never mind the strike. It is a mirror of what is happening all around the world. Landfill space for getting rid of the waste generated by our vast and increasing population on this planet is getting harder to find. And so is land for growing food – our ever expanding numbers are taking up more and more of the planet’s land to house us, which in turn decreases our space to grow food to feed these masses.

Talk about a Catch 22 situation.

Susan Gerbic as Dr Evil. Wikimedia Commons

Susan Gerbic as Dr Evil, humanity’s conniving alter ego – pic from Wikimedia Commons

Luckily we are not just a pest-gone-out-of-control kind of species. We are also inventive. And while we may admittedly be somewhat conniving with our inventiveness and spurn super villains every so often, us humans also have the ability to exercise our free choice – choosing to be super good.

Super good solutions for waste management are the latest technologically innovative solutions towards sustainable planet saving creations in the offing.

Zero waste to landfill – turning waste into energy

Sometimes it feels like we have so much to do, and so little time. Climate warming is biting our bums, we are up by 1% already as far as our daily temperatures globally are concerned.

I am a free agent with a passion for sustainable waste management solutions – sourcing the right solution through the right experts to save people and business time and money. And saving the Earth.

So here is my answer to the worldly crisis – thanks to the ingenuity of some clever green Earth-friendly humans: Click on the advert below

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Let’s fix this NOW, before it’s too late! Thank you.

With energized kindness generated from waste

Yours truly