Save the planet? No - save ourselves!

Save the planet? No – save ourselves!

by Nikodemis –

“We have to stop speaking about the Earth being in need of healing. The Earth doesn’t need healing. We do.” Ian McCallum, Ecological Intelligence

So just how do we “heal ourselves”?

Well, what comes to mind are big words like “Mind Shift” and ‘Behavior Change” or “Paradigm Shift”, words batted about like some unruly child’s game of cricket on the beach. Without the fun part…

I remember way back then, as a college brat with big ideas and newly awakened passions about my place in the world, that to change the world I have to start by changing myself. Intense. But a lesson learned, everyday, since…

What does it even mean – to shift your mind? And what is a change in behavior?

Following such a shift of mind, does one then act differently? Think differently? Believe different things about how we see the world and ourselves in it, who/what created us/the world and what our responsibility is in that world?

Heavy stuff. Addressing those 3 q’s: Who are we, where do we come from, and where are we going – is this what a Shift Of Mind is all about, to re-look at these questions? Can we be big enough to be small enough, to even admit that perhaps we have been wrong and acting from beliefs that were no longer relevant, and hence creating a negative impact on ourselves as individuals, as a species, and to our world we live in and depend on for life giving food, shelter and in fact ALL of our aspirations?

And how may I ask do we actually change our own behavior – let alone someone else’s?

Well, in my own life I can only say that I aim for integrity. A big word, but simply put it means (for me) that I practice what I preach. I do as I say. And I say as I believe.

Sounds like your kind of thing? Easy? Easier said than done, more like it.

Trick is to start small. Do small. And let it grow bigger from there.

Small steps. Every moment. Every hour. Every day. Every week. Every month. Every year.

Many small steps grow into big moves forward.

Today is the day to start that mind shift.

Peas_plant_grown_from_SeedStart small. Plant one seed – be it the seed of a tree (fruit, indigenous or just it, a tree!), a flower, herb or vegetable. In a pot, a bed, or arbitrarily in soil somewhere. Just do it. And then care for that seed. Water it. Love it. Love watering it. Love tending it, caring for it. Make friends with it. Love yourself loving it…

And do it again tomorrow. And the day after.

Discover the magic. Discover yourself. Change yourself. Change your behavior.

Change the world. In every moment. All the time. Make it a better place. For you, and me.

You will love yourself for it. And the coolest thing? Others might just love you too. And start following your example. Cool hey?

Before you know, you will have a whole garden of delightful beauty, shade trees, fruit trees, food trees. Free food.

And soon you will choose everything green. Solar lights. Solar cooking. Solar heating. Water harvesting. Waste recycling. Food waste composting. Soil nurturing. Greening all your energy. Creating, and using, free energy.

Go green. And love yourself, loving it.