Be My Valentine: Love the Earth as You Love Yourself

Be My Valentine: Love the Earth as You Love Yourself

by Nikodemis –

Love for sale? Hate the wail?

Commercialization certainly has killed a lot of things for me.

Take Christmas. Three months before December each year, I already abhor popping in to my local store for the basics (that I can’t yet grow in my own garden or make myself DIY style). Suddenly it’s wall to wall images of gift wrapped boxes and fat guys with white beards wearing winter hats (in the middle of hot summery South Africa). Not to mention the awful overhead music! Phew. Talk about overwhelming. Not a whale of a time at all, more like wailing mad bull, encouraging all souls on Earth to spend and consume and trash our planet even more!

Love: fantasy vs reality

Take love. On 14 February each year we are brainwashed, spoon fed, force fed and codswalloped with images of red hearts and girl loves boy and red roses and more gift wrapped boxes. And wine and dine and spend and lend and borrow and fend… Fantasy. Illusion. We are sold the very surface layer of what love really is.

Luckily there is always a reality check. Check this video out and really feel the love now:

Did you know that red hearts are just commercialized nonsense? The same nonsense that sells “love at first sight” and “falling in love” as the real deal? As Osho the Zen Master says, true love is everlasting. It simply is. Real love does not rely on falling in or out of love, or loving which turns to hating.

Hence true love is not red, the red of passion and destruction. The true color of our heart energy or chakra is in actual fact GREEN.

Bottom line is to show your love, for the Earth, for yourself, and for your loved one/s, with a Green heart. Go to CLIMATE REALITY’s Show The Love campaign to get cool ideas for Valentine’s Day. Here’s mine already, which I am gonna hang on my front gate on my street come 14 February:

earth me you green heart for valentines

1500mm x 1500mm to go green and go big

And if you really want to spend money – on yourself, and a loved one – for the Earth, then I strongly recommend you take up this really priceless and super inexpensive offer from Urban Eco Life e-magazine – it will last you forever, for real:

urban eco valentines special

Feel the love. Show the love. Show your green love. Show your green heart. Do it. For the love of the Earth.