Transforming human evolution towards greener intelligence

Transforming human evolution towards greener intelligence

by Nikodemis

I have a confession to make: I am a  predator. I prey on and consume other creatures, be they animal or plant. (The difference between animal and plant being but a human construct, and perhaps limiting at that…).

The anthropologist Jeremy Narby has done lots of field work and research in the Amazon forests. He identified the jaguar as the main predator in those forests, the guy on top of the food chain – together with humans of course. The difference, he says, is that the jaguar practices this role discreetly.

Compare that to how humans behave.

Jaguar (panthera onco). Picture by Marco Obal, Wikimedia Commons

Jaguar (panthera onco). Picture by Marco Obal, Wikimedia Commons

So Narby poses this cool question: “How can we humans as predators learn to stop degrading the world we live in?

In other words, how do we as a species – the predator on top of the food chain having dominion over nature, as the God given role has us believe – how do we treat the world that we rely on for food?

Intelligent Evolution

Transforming ourselves and “getting a grip on our sciences and industries”, Narby says, is “intelligent evolution”. He goes on to say that “by understanding ourselves as animals [and] by understanding other species as intelligent, and by understanding the intelligence of predators, we can learn to transform ourselves into intelligent predators”.


This transformation, this change in our behavior, will go a long way in helping us change the way we act, how we treat our environment. This change can seriously impact how we choose to be in relationship with the Earth.

After all, the Earth (as all traditional and ancient knowledge and experience has always taught us) is our Mother. We are made of the very elements that Earth is made of. We ARE earth, fire, water and air, our very bodies sculpted and made of this stuff. The Earth is our very molecules, is our cradle, our kitchen, our source of food and air.

In short, the Earth is the very source of Life. Our life. The only life we have, God given, Earth allowing.

In a nutshell – to save the Earth is not a choice. It’s a must. Our very survival – our LIFE – depends on it.

Changing our behavior, evolving intelligently and consciously cultivating an ecological intelligence, is the smart way to go.

rip humans

Come on, behave like the “intelligent” species we boast to be. Act responsibly. Respect Life. Go Green. Or die.

No lie.


PS: See David Suzuki’s epic presentation and last words on How We See The World is How We Treat The World, a 1 hour 23 minute WOW for all you greenies out there: