Crowdfunding for Sustainabilility: From Lack to Abundance

Crowdfunding for Sustainabilility: From Lack to Abundance

by Nikodemis –

So often us Greenies get trapped in the deluge of voices and masses of evidence in our realties that there is simply not enough. Not enough water, not enough food, not enough fossil fuels, not enough action, not enough this and not enough that.

As environmentalists we get stuck in the quick sand of our down spiral of limitations. We become Vincent Van Gogh and start suffering our ideologies and mindsets of lack. We become the martyrs of our uncompromising anti-consumerism. We become victims of our negative thinking and critical mindsets, we fall prey to our eagle eyes seeing all the things that are wrong on our precious earth.

Ultimately we draw lack into our lives: left with none of our own resources to even get up out of bed in the morning, we become useless as eco warriors, drowning in our own limited means of making changes. Stuck in our poverty and kind of still thinking that being poor is the same as being holy…

And of course, it is not money that is evil in the first place. Rather, the love of it may well lead to really bad stuff, though.


I should know, I talk from experience. As a green anarchist and anti-consumer at heart, I go through many cycles of not bringing home enough bacon to feed my family and pay the bills. And I know, deep in that same green heart of mine, that the laws of attraction are well at work: Seeing and experiencing lack all the time simply sets the magnet off and attracts the same into my life and thus I experience lack. Simple physics, metaphysics and down to earth mysticism will all tell you the same thing: What you focus on expands.

SO: Don’t we as greenies also have the responsibility to create abundance where there is lack, sustainable solutions where there is poverty and environmental disaster, and just a wholesome lot of goodness where there is negative fracking and the like?

Take action

It is about time to see money as a tool. A very versatile tool – something like a Leatherman Multitool with more bells and whistles you can dream of! Money – when applied correctly with ethics and care – can move mountains!

Please support this crowdfunding campaign, it’s gonna blow the world’s minds and make huge changes for the better:

Thank you!!!!