I am free - free to be me

I am free – free to be me

by Nikodemis –

So often at night I do not sleep. Like a baby. I wake up at all wee hours, to do just that. And to meditate, think, breathe, do stuff, of just to zone.

And sometimes I try to fight this insomnia. Resist it and get frustrated. Just like I sometimes do with life and the experiences that seem to randomly come my way like some old school arcade game based on chaos math. Experiences that seem randomly bent on pulling the carpet from under my feet, time and time again just as I got back onto those same feet…

Resist or let go

Other times I embrace it. I enjoy it and choose to experience the bliss of being awake when no one else is, to experience the no-time zone where creativity, inspiration and being myself – being free – is the norm. In this zone, I breathe in the new, and breathe out the old like past experiences that either pulled the carpet out from under my feet, or experiences that left me feeling all goose bumpy and excited. Because to let all of the above go, makes way for new experiences.

Doing that, I either fall back asleep in this blissful state as if I am hugging an inner comfy cushion, or I get really inspired and get up to start a project in my studio with art materials, or write something inspired on my blog.

Either way, not resisting not sleeping, I celebrate being me. I hug myself, being free. Free to be me.

If you love someone, set them free

And part of being me is to share this freedom with others. To share this freedom to make choices that are environmentally sustainable and hence free the earth too. This freedom to choose to change or be changed. To share and give my fellow animals and planet the opportunity to be free, to choose differently, to make a difference. To serve the earth and her offspring.

Feeling free? Make your choice. Choose change – for all. For the better.
With love and color