Junk to Diesel - for real!

Junk to Diesel – for real!

by Nikodemis

Life is truly miraculous. Literally. Just look at Nature and how she works her magic: miniscule seeds can turn into magnificent trees; slimy sperm can fertilize eggs at a microscopic scale and grow into fully fledged human beings with brains and bones; and sunlight converts to energy converts to food converts to life generating power for All.

And then those same humans with brains can make sustainable technology – machines that can work magic, learning from and applying nature’s principles to the advantage of the whole.

Waste to Energy

Mother Nature cleverly wastes nothing. Everything is a closed cycle, from the gases we exhale which plant leaves recycle into more gas to breathe and those same leaves that fall to become food for the roots of those same leaf bearing trees, it is all automated bioengineering from an Intelligent Designer, that Omnipotent Engineer we have so many names for.

Waste Plastics and Waste Oil to Energy

Technology that cleverly “apes” nature is all the rage. MY excitement is that even locally, in my beloved South Africa, major technological magic is happening. On my doorstep. And this is part of my dream, my vision and ongoing passion for making this world a better place – for you, me, the environment and all of creation.

No more words, just watch this (turn the SUBTITLES ON):

Yes, you better believe it – from junk to diesel, for real! And yes, I should know, I am the dude that was there making the video :)

So now we have found a really cool way to recycle waste plastics and waste engine oil. Affordable and win-win.

What do you think? Can we do this?

Words to action – you are the change you want to see

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Thank you, from Gaia’s heart