Once upon a time...

Once upon a time…

Life is a river. I am a river. And even though I cannot step into the same river twice as it flows away at each moment and the river is new all the time, ever changing, the water remains just that: water.

Essence remains, the rest is fleeting.

I love, and hate, waste. It has always been so. Green has always been my favorite color. And it still is.

Once upon a time waste was my passion. And it still is.

In fact, at many points in my life I made the connection between waste and people: In marginalized societies, where the powers that be would neglect parts of their citizens due to colonization, racism, politics, economics, capitalism or whatever other schizophrenic ideology is fashionable at the time, those people pushed to the margins are regarded as waste. Yes, people get treated as waste to be buried, junk to be disregarded, the dregs and off-cuts of consumerism to be dumped and turned a blind eye to.

As much as my passion is about the stuff of waste, it is also about equalizing the playing fields in favor of the disregarded people who are pushed to the margins of society into the poorer corners of the world.

So: here is a 20 year old video shown on National television in South Africa at that time when a colleague and I initiated Project Shift as a paradigm shifting venture to re-enchant waste – making magic from waste materials and working magic with people in the rural communities of the Eastern and Northern parts of South Africa. Before Internet.

Check it out, there are 2 parts, it’s a real classic:


Thank you for watching :)

with love and color