Sad CAN lead to glad

Sad CAN lead to glad

by Nikodemis –

Living green and being green can be a choice of adhering to a minimum carbon footprint. It may also entail not earning money so you don’t have money to shop for commodities. You beg, borrow or re-appropriate some cash for basic food only: Veg, fruit, and mealiepap (a corn flour staple food very popular in South Africa).

Sounds a bit radical?

Every so often, sometimes less and sometimes more, I have no known source of income. I am in between states of generating income – like sitting at a bus stop waiting for something to happen – and all I have left (besides empty pockets) is choice: to choose happy, or sad, regardless of the circumstances.

Free choice or forced choice?

At first it appears as if there is no choice: obviously this brings unhappiness. Sure. Here we are all dark and hopeless, doing what we do best: wallow in it. Until it becomes something else, something marvelously ludicrous and silly…

And then, just for a bright moment, I remember that life is always a choice: Live, or die. Laugh, or cry.

Check out my wallow going silly in my new song called “Depro Dub” (turn up the volume!!!):