BEWARE: Junk and Jive technology can be misleading

BEWARE: Junk and Jive technology can be misleading

I am a big dreamer. And idealist. I am passionate and excitable. And I am forever an optimist.

Shoot me. Hang me. Take me down to the O.K. Corral and take me out for I am to blame.

Yes, I am to blame for being ALIVE. I am to blame for grabbing onto ideas that can change the world – ideas that can have the power to provide peace and the potential to positively impact on this stressed out, Donald Trump-bedeviled world we wake up to in 2017.

Believe me, I have cried. I have raised my fists unto heaven and cursed the gods that be and the powers that rule the universe.

Yes. I have been fooled and cuckolded by over enthusiastic and idealistic engineers and designers who took advantage of my passion and Green dreams, my drive and zest for making the world a better place. I have been cheated and lied to, and I have allowed myself to be fooled – by people who are as idealistic as me yet have the nerve to refuse to learn and refuse to admit that they have committed this atrocity in the name of GOOD.

We fight for good and we fight for bad... Kurdish warrior from Wikimedia Commons

We fight for good and we fight for bad… Kurdish warrior from Wikimedia Commons

Such is the nature of humans: We strive, we fight, we battle for our beliefs. And then we die.

Or perhaps worse – we suffer. We suffer our delusions and we end up, ultimately, battling our very own selves. Our shadows. Our split selves.

And then we die…

We accept. We fall and we get up again. To live another day. Reborn. Mistakes learnt. And then we integrate.

We become one.

Watch out for the Idealism


Wants to Save The World

I have been falsely lead to believing in technology that can make magic happen. Machines that can change the scourge of the world – waste plastic – into black gold: oil. Fuel for thought and diesel for our dreams of a better tomorrow. A better place without plastic islands on the ocean and without fish vomiting up plastic pellets like there’s no tomorrow…

Beware and Be Careful

If you want to spend money and invest in a machine or gadget or super new wacky wonder that’s gonna make the world greener and grab a feather in your cap for having less of a carbon footprint, then DO SO!!!!

BUT: Be savvy. Be careful. Be real. Before you spend a single sent. Before you as much as advertise the gadget in question as real, go see for yourself. Let your eyes see and your ears listen. And ultimately let the gadget do the talking as seeing is believing and the taste is in the pudding. Test it. And again. Today. All day. And tomorrow. And the next day. Spend at least 5 days on site with the wonder. Make the machine work, make the machine show u it can deliver what it says it can…

Not everyone is legal, not everyone is real, and not everyone is integrous. Not everyone can deliver on every one of those wonderful words and pretty promises they commit to. I know I can’t. But I will be damned if I aint gonna die trying. For the planet’s sake. For peace sake. For my children’s sake. And for the sake of my heart, which I wear on my sleeve.

We become one... Wikimedia Commons

We become one… Wikimedia Commons

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.