Dream on? Live the song!

Dream on? Live the song!

“Dream on.” Sarcasm. Well meant by so-called realists. Non-idealists. And the usual response I get to sharing my dreams with fellow human beings.

Granted, I am a dreamer – renowned for it in fact. I have confessed to this many times over. I have considered joining, or starting, a group for dream addicts to process and psychologize, and get over, my dream habits.

However. I also am solidly rooted in reality. A child of nature, a follower of quantum physics and fan of Einstein (except for that booboo with the H-bomb he got involved with back in the day). I work lots with my hands and build stuff, in 3d, in 4d, in the real world. Some of the things are for pure aesthetics, and some are for pure function. The coolest ones combine both of these aspects.

Altogether it means that I do not only dream, I actually do. From being comes dreaming and from dreaming comes doing. In my reality.

What a wonderful world

And so, here I am, sitting in my new dream home on my new dream land in my new dream office – which is open on 2 sides, elevated, and overlooks all of this bountiful nature day and night with a river (stream) that runs through it. “And I say to myself, what a wonderful world…” (with respects to one of my favorite artists, Louis Armstrong of course).

pics from my Home office 1

View from my office (as well as main pic above): Two tame njala buck we’ve named Bambi and Rudolph, monkeys, one of our horses on river forest’s edge…

And as another two South African  artists said (and subtitled their gig called The Most Amazing Show): “Believe it, ‘coz it’s true”.

Yep. Dreams do come true.

Our smallholding in paradise has become our new Home.

Set in a shared conservancy of 100 000 m² in the Valley Of A Thousand Hills, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, Home comprises a very pure form of nature. Wild animals free range with our two horses, blending with an impressive variety of quintessential African birds. We wake each day to be overwhelmed by Beauty even more so than the day before.

Besides Beauty, chickens and very loud geese certainly also wake us (well, wake the rest of us while I wake them with my farmer’s early bird bad habits!), frogs sing us asleep (or awake, depending on how close to nature one feels at the time) at night, and each day is filled to the rim with things natural, agricultural, creative, fun, and indeed fulfilling to the heart and soul and body alike.

Custodians of paradise

Paradise. And ours to be loved and cherished, and to be the custodians of.

Yes, we bought the land – but we are custodians of it and any other form of possession would be an ego trip, to say the least.

We are super privileged. We are blessed. Name it.

And yet, again, that good old lesson thing about life: Paradise – dreams – as it turns out, is / are a hard, labor intensive, ongoing and superbly stretching exercise. Daily. A grind it can be – tending horses, for one: building and then constantly fixing paddocks so they don’t go roaming about breaking legs and other people’s washing lines; mucking stables and pastures day by day; doing this and tending to that, starting one thing and nature calls for emergency that. And on and on.

Chopping wood and fetching water, in reality, as a farmer and father and mother and child and family, is a sweat. An inspiring, heart warming, awesome slog, at times. Like those survivor reality shows on TV, with the significant difference here being that we are living it, not just showing it…

Dreams are made of this

Yes, indeed. Dreams are made of tar and mortar in the form of muscle and sweat. Sure, the mind conjures up sweet things, and the heart strums its beautiful strings, but the stuff that makes those ethereal ideas come home to roost, as it were, is just that: stuff. Matter. Making it work, keeping the dream alive and real, is work.

Sure, work is pleasure. Fun. The Buddhist way.

It can also be Calvinistic, and hence damn tough, and a pain in the arse! Bills still need paying, more land needs tending and caring, vaster spaces need traversing by an ever aging body, and we still have to eat and so do the animals.

Our kids learn, and work, and help, and learn. Homeschooling is now for real, 24/7. (Watch this space – our home school and learning center, on our land, is getting shape too and will soon open its doors of green learning to the community at large).

So there u are. Watch this space (sic). My family and I are living the dream. Sometimes it will make you scream, and at other times, it really is just like being in the most wonderful, most surprisingly beautiful wow wacky voluptiously awe inspiring yummilcious freakoidly fantastic, dream!