Learning and Loving - green is the means

Learning and Loving – green is the means

How do I live green? By being green: Green stands for cooperation, participation, and for being myself.

Nature is our teacher. She relates, interacts, and nurtures. She shows us that the process practiced with patience and pondering wonder, is more important than the competitive goal oriented linear approach.

Nature goes with the flow. Nature is the flow.


And thus the seed gets nurtured, bravely pushing its way through the dirt to the light, all along utilising what is available, bending and twisting and evolving. Growing. Being. Becoming.

Embracing its nature, each moment a present like a surprise wow! Creation at its best.

And what do I do?

I co-create. I facilitate. With heartfelt, mindful observation, I hold the space. With equally heartfelt mindfulness, I get my hands dirty and do what needs doing to assist the seedling into sprouting into sapling into vitality into treeing into branching into leafing. Into being.

And thus our seed, our dream, have come to fruition. In its sapling stage, our own green home school – Animalia Learning Center – has evolved.

Learning and loving, in deed.

Jump in and swim – the stream will take you there. Enjoy the ride!