Firefly Mobile Lamp and Cellphone Charger

The Firefly Mobile is a cutie with easy-to-use combined phone charging and light giving functions. It has won awards and received the 2012 Outstanding Product Award from Lighting Global, a joint IFC and World Bank program that aims to boost the off-grid lighting market and provide quality assurance to distributors and customers.

It has a nice and bright task light with three brightness settings.  The light from the lamp is 8 times brighter than a kerosene lamp –  one day of charging gives you 3.6 hours of light on its high setting, 14 hours on medium setting and 50 hours of light on low setting.  With a battery made of high performance lithium iron phosphate it will last for up to 5 years before it needs replacing. The Firefly Mobile Lamp has charging pins for most kinds of phones and can charge a 700mAh battery in 3 hours of sunshine.

A 12 month manufacturer’s guarantee clinches the deal for me.



The Firefly Mobile solar lamp and solar charger utilizes 10 super bright SMD LEDs with a broad angle beam to provide an even spread of light throughout a room, or if focused on a desk – a very brightFirefly 12 Mobile reading light.

Key features

10 SMD LED super bright lamp (12 month guarantee) – 55 Lumens of light
3 lamp settings: high (4h), med (7h), low (50h)
1.5W Polycrystalline solar panel (12 month guarantee)
Adjustable lamp neck
Mobile phone adapters included
Long lasting rechargeable Lithium battery
Durable and lightweight
Product Information

Battery: 750 mAh Lithium Iron Phosphate up to 1000 cycles*
Battery protection: overcharge and discharge
Charge time: 4-6 hours
Panel wire: 4 meters
Colours may vary
*800 – 1000 cycles, 1 cycle = 2 nights at 3.5 hours on medium setting 4h/night = up to 5.5 years



Price: R831.06 incl tax from excluding postage.

Click on their logo below to buy the Firefly Mobile Lamp online. logo

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