Green Gardening

by Nikodemis

How green is your garden?

Seems a stupid question, but just how green is your garden really? Are your pesticides earth friendly? Are your fertilizers biodegradable? Is your ecosystem healthy and abundant?

Click on the veggie image below for the best organic gardening and veggie planting guide ever, illustrated with magnificent photographs. Created by South Africans Bronwyn Howard and Jock Tame:

Urban Eco Organic Gardening Guide

Remember – the more the merrier. A healthy ecosystem is a healthy garden is a healthy habitat for all creatures to benefit from. Humans are part of the ecosystem, not outside of it or better than it.

Work with it, go with the flow of your garden, plot, land, veggie plot.

Just do it.

  • Vertical Garden Ideas

This is awesome! A ready-made-for-installation and size-to-order vertical garden complete with plug in irrigation system PLUS you decide what plants you want: For beauty, for food, for health.

Living art for the wall outside the kitchen

Living art for your wall, inside or out

You can do a vertical vegetable garden in it, make a canvas of assorted flowers with rainbow colours, whateva.

Reply to this page with your order query or phone +27 71 449 8917 and speak to the South African landscape artist Waldemar for details, sizes, installation and prices on this vertical garden panel.

  • Vertical Herb Garden

As befits me, here is my take on a vertical garden diy. Re-appropriating junk, upcycling waste, do it meself.

Stereo Smile Dancer by Nikodemis

Stereo Smile Dancer by Nikodemis


I have used steel off cuts left over from other handyman jobs plus an old step ladder, discarded gardening gloves, old tree trunk and found objects picked up from dump sites.

Leave a reply at the bottom of this page if you want creative diy projects done at your home by me or any of the other green artists on this website.


  • Bokashi Composting

Go to the Green Kitchen page to see how to Indoor Compost waste from your kitchen.

  • Bokashi composting DIY

You can also learn how to make your own bokashi compost:

  1. Making the micro organisms for the Bokashi

2. How to make the Bokashi Bran

  • Bokashi Composter DIY


  1. Find an old bucket
  2. Find an old plastic tray that would fit into the bucket, or can be cut to size to fit into bucket.
  3. Buy or re-appropriate / re-use a tap for the bucket
  4. Find a lid for the bucket.


  1. Drill a hole in the bucket and fit the tap using silicon and drill with appropriate size drill bit.

Bokashi DIY drill hole for tap

Bokashi bucket DIY with tap

2. Cut the old plastic tray to fit into bottom of bucket (with ample space below it for bokashi tea to drain into).

Bokashi DIY strained 1

bokashi diy strainer drill

Bokashi DIY strainer fin holes

3. Trace a circle around the bucket on the inside where the strainer is to fit and silicon this all around for the strainer to “sit” onto. Leave enough space below it for the tea to drain off into. You may want to do one circle all around inside, leave to dry, and silicon another circle all around to make it strong and thick.

Boklashi DIY silicon inside bucket

bokashi DIY silicon inside 2nd layer

4. Fit the holy tray onto the silicon circle for the bokashi tea compartment.

bokashi diy strainer fitted

bokashi diy strainer fitted 2

5. Fit your lid, and hey presto! Always make sure the lid fits snugly so no oxygen enters the closed system or otherwise it will rot instead of compost/pickle.

bokashi diy lid fit snug

6. Follow the instructions for Indoor Composting here.


  • Bokashi composting in your community

Watch this video below to give you the WHY Bokashi compost, WHAT bokashi is and made of, and finally HOW to do it – and to TAKE ACTION and implement it in your community:


NOTICE: This site is always expanding. We rely on you to add more relevant stuff.

What are your ideas and opinions on green gardening? What more would you like to add or see on Green Gardening?

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