Green Kitchen

by Nikodemis

Kitchen waste disposal – or kitchen waste composting – is fast becoming a household name.

Wasting food and chucking it on the landfills is having huge impacts on the environment. Food waste is a challenge to sustainability, it wastes money, and when it breaks down it releases harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Let alone the billions of people on this planet that do not have enough food to eat while others are throwing tons of it away every minute. And this is but one country’s admission below:


If u have some time, take a look at this video on TED talks on food waste in South Africa, and in general. Feel the gist of it, see if you can relate? I sure do:

– Read through the pages by scrolling down slowly 
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<*>Repurpose kitchen waste / Food omposting<*><*>More info on Bokashi Bran and related products<*><*>Bokashi Indoor Kitchen Waste Composter with Bran – from Faithful To Nature<*><*>Bokashi Composting DIY + Get involved in community projects<*><*>Green cooking<*>Solar Braai / Solar Barbeque<*>

  •  Repurpose kitchen waste / Food Composting

Life’s amazing: there is always a creative solution to everything. Between Science and the Arts, between research, experimentation and the imagination, there is always a solution.

Indoor kitchen waste composting is a brilliant way to go.

I don’t know about you, but when I make compost outdoors it always attracts rats. Yes, rats. I really looove animals of all kinds, but rats that scavenge and hang around my kitchen and compost heap is just not cool. Rats carry disease, and they are super clever. I love them, but let them be elsewhere and not in my garden or near my veg patch where they eat and destroy my food plantation.

Play the video below to see how easy it is:

More info on Bokashi Bran and related products

One of the best South African based Food Waste Composting personalities with a passion, is Bronwyn Jones of Bokashi Bran.

Bokashi Composting DIY + Get involved in community projects
Click here for more information on making your own composter as well as community projects to get involved in

Solar Braai / Solar Barbeque

solar braai

Use the energy of the sun to make a braai, South African style! No smoke in your face, just pure unadulterated yumminess: grilled and browned meat, same taste, same delectable and authentic look and taste. And yet: NO SMOKE, No harmful greenhouse gases, no fossil fuels…

The solar oven is the latest form of solar cooking. It will reach a temperature of 400 degrees in full sunlight. It can do anything an electric oven can do, only, it cooks for free, using only the heat of the sun and there is NO Pollution.
The BBQ Delux is the same as the normal BBQ but has a temperature gauge and also has a non stick plate to fry eggs on etc.

R2500 per system for standard OR R2700 for Deluxe model.

Just do it!


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