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by Nikodemis

Choosing environmentally friendly, green and ecologically sound products and services goes with the sustainable lifestyle you are changing to. What’s more, it will save you money in the short term, save and boost your health in the long term, and as a bonus save the environment you live in too. The outcome?


  • Green DIY

Doing-it-yourself is probably the most environment friendly choice of living. It is an eco  alternative to consumerist default: instead of buying what you (think) you need, you make it yourself.

DIY tools designer

Hand tools in the Prototyping Lab of the National Design Centre, Singapore.

* Go check out the green DIY stuff on choices for Green Education just to wet your appetite. Do It Yourself, do it the green way.

  • Green Kitchen

Simplicity is the name of the game. What could be easier than to compost your kitchen scraps and make your own super green nutrition for your pot plants, garden and veggie patch?

Pictoral representation of germs, 1920 Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images Pictoral representation of germs liabel to be picked up by a 'comforter' dropped in the street. 'Daily Mail' Ideal Home Exhibition Published: 1920 Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0

Pictoral representation of germs, 1920
Credit: Wellcome Library, London.

And what about household cleaners? Humans seem to be obsessed with cleaning. Which translates as killing – exterminating each and every living organism around us as if the microscopic creatures are specially created to harm us, and we are to defend ourselves against this sci-fi alien invasion…

Click here to view our green products for your kitchen and home.

  • Green Building

Simplicity is the name of the game, and small is beautiful. Check out this cool book with really funky pictures plus plans on how to do it – whether in your backyard, as a hide away on your beach or forest land, or with wheels to take with you:

* More pages on Green Building are under construction as you read -coming soon to a webpage near u!

  • Green Food

Sustainable eating? Did you know that bees don’t just make honey – they are responsible for over 80% of our nutrition? Check out the Bee Kind Project to save and support our global bee population.

* More yummy stuff on Green Food are being cooked up as you chew on these words – watch this space!

  • Green Holidays

Best breaks are when we give the Earth a break too.

Eco-tourism travel destinations

Eco-tourism travel destinations

Check out Fair Trade Travel options for win-win holiday destinations and choices.

Fair Trade Tourism image

My friend Sistem Josephu is a local Xhosa dude and takes you on guided hikes along South Africa’s Wild Coast of Transkei / Eastern Cape to experience the most wonderful scenery and people living here. Contact Sistem on +27 72 411 7950 for more details and mention my name, Nikodemis, for personal service and great packages.


Horse riding on Madakeni Beach on the Wild Coast of South Africa. Pic by Richard Kruger

* The journey to more and more Green Holiday destinations continues – watch this space for more awesome break aways, the green way, coming soon!

  • Green Art

Go green art! Environment friendly – eco art – art is the going green way to go for us creatives.


Art and the Earth have always been bed partners. It seems just natural for Shamans to love and connect with nature, creation, through the medium of art.

Don_juan_matus_by_rayjmaraca-d2gmalx (1)

Don Juan Mmatus by Rayjmaraca

Click here to see some eye-goggling Green Art.

  • Green Cosmetics

South Africa has our own earth friendly products for house, your body and your lifestyle all round. Faithful To Nature come highly recommended and they can arrange overseas deliveries too.

* Watch this space for better beauty the green way as we add make-up to more magic content soon…

  • Green Education

Go green education!


Home schooling and un-schooling is the green way to go. Just as nature intended it. And this education is more often than not free.

Click through to the Green Education page on this site. It’s not just for kids :)

  • Green Business

Starting an online business is one of the environment friendly ways to go green and generating an income at the same time.

Scams and junk sites abound, so be careful where you start online! Wealthy Affiliate is a good and trustworthy online college to learn the ropes, but you can also Google around, watch YouTube videos and simply learn by doing it. WIX and WordPress are good places also to go set up your domain.

Important part of any business is the SERVICE aspect – going green seriously means that we are in it together, and community is more important than individuality or at least has to balance the tables so we can work together to help our planet heal and become whole. Or, as poet, writer, philosopher, psychiatrist and biologist Ian McCallum says, it is not nature that needs healing, is us humans…

BIG Business: the vast amounts of energy required to run factories in the big industry boggles the mind.


So there is hope – check out the above presentation of Bio Waste Technologies as an example of really awesome ways to  convert your business’s waste into readily available compost and related energy sources.

You can also go see how this process called Pyrolysis works.

* Leave a comment below or leave your details for us to contact you on HOW TO MAKE YOUR BUSINESS GREEN VIA WASTE TO ENERGY SOLUTIONS

NOTICE: This site is always expanding. We rely on you to add more relevant stuff.

What are your ideas and opinions on green products and services? What more would you like to add or see on Green Products and Services?

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