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by Nikodemis

For the last 50 to 150 years humans have completely tripled in numbers and a massive population explosion has resulted: We have reached the very mountain peak of our so-called civilization and of all our wonderful endeavors, development, expansion and colonization of the Earth.

By 2015 the number of humans on this planet have finally gone over the 7 billion mark. That is 7 000 000 000 plus people, and if you’d like to actually see what that looks like then go here.

We have for soooo many years relied on sources of energy straight from the earth, fossil fuels millions of years old got dug from underneath the crust of our planet and as a species we have become the most successful at surviving, proliferating and totally covering the surface of the Earth, 3rd rock from the sun. And of course the most successful at filling up space on Earth – at the expense of all the other species, whether rock, plant or animal…

Total world energy consumption by source 2013, from REN21 Renewables 2014 Global Status Report.

Total world energy consumption by source 2013, from REN21 Renewables 2014 Global Status Report.

So: What are we to do when our basic sources of fuel – energy – runs out?

Well, we gotto do what we gotto do, and so doing turn to renewables: Using energy that does not run out, such as Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Water/Hydro Energy, Energy from Waste (organic as well as synthetic waste sources), Geothermal Energy, and others.

There are gazilions of renewable energy options available to anyone these days. It just depends on what and where and how big an job you want it to do – from small solar stoves that stand in a corner in the sun and cook your rice for tonight to giant solar arrays that can light up a whole city, each and every application is available to the man, and women, in the street today.

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  • Solar Power

Energy from the sun is free. Use it!

"Solar Panels" by Fernando Tomás from Zaragoza, Spain

“Solar Panels” by Fernando Tomás from Zaragoza, Spain


Solar light and Solar Charge

Thanks to the sun and technology, we can see at night AND we can TALK all night. Many devices are seeing the light and suffice to say – show and tell is the only way:

  1. This is the coolest device AND it is earth friendly AND it is sooo beautiful  – The Sunbell Solar Lamp and Phone ChargerIt’s very strong, durable and awesome in its versatile uses, adaptations and applications. It is a Norwegian design from Bright Products, who won numerous awards for this beauty.

These pictures from say it all:solar light eartheasy red 1
solar light eartheasy red 3


solar light eartheasy red 5
solar light eartheasy red 6solar light eartheasy red 4 solar light eartheasy red 7

solar light eartheasy red 10solar light eartheasy red 11

I have tried many related devices over the years, many are not very long lasting, if they work at all. But this beauty has been trialed and tested in Kenya, Africa, amongst other locations and it kicks butt!

solar light eartheasy red 8

The Sunbell Solar Lamp and Phone Charger offers me a one-of-a-kind design that is wonderful in its being super versatile. Use it as a reading lamp, ceiling lamp, flashlight, and as a mobile phone charger (any USB adaptor fits in it so any phone will do). It even functions as a sound box/booster for your mobile!

solar light eartheasy red 2

With rechargeable LiFePO battery you need only 3-4 hours of good sunlight for a full charge. A dimmer switch allows you to choose one of 3 different levels of LED light intensity and light duration. Included is a 9 foot /approx 3m cable is tucked inside the solar disk – the panel can be placed outside while the lamp or mobile phone can be stored safely inside your hut or tent or house while it charges outside. Perfect!

Click here to see more specs and prices plus where to buy.

2. Another super cool version of the Solar Lamp and Phone Charger is this Firefly Mobile Lamp from ‘s online store.


The Firefly Mobile lamp is a sexy design that also charges phones and includes most kinds of phone connections. It has also won numerous awards.  The light from the lamp is 8 times brighter than a kerosene lamp and after one day of charging the lamp provides 3.6 hours of light on high setting, 14 hours on medium setting and 50 hours of light on low setting.  A high performance lithium iron phosphate battery lasts around 5 years before it needs replacing.

Apart from the solid and sturdy standing lamp function, it can also be hung up from its hook. The phone charger charges a 700mAh battery in 3 hours of sunshine.

A 12 month manufacturer’s guarantee clinches this deal for me, because you never know what you get…

See more specs and prices as well as where to buy here

Solar Geyser

selfie of my solar geyzer and I

The geyser is mounted on top of the roof for direct and maximum use of free sunlight energy

The geyser is mounted on top of the roof for direct and maximum use of free sunlight energy

I love my solar geyser. It’s a 300L high pressure vacuum tube system. Of all the various solar geysers on the market, this type heats the water quickest. With no moving parts, wear and tear is minimal. This one is installed in Johannesburg, on the Highveld region of South Africa where it tends to hail in summers. Yet no damage to the glass vacuum tubes have happened because the round shape of the tubes and the angle of incoming hail deflects off the surface without a direct hit. Due to the shape the tubes, the sun is always at the correct angle to do its job best.

The system comes with backup control box mounted inside the house, with temperature settings and digital visual display as well as various automated settings and timer to ensure you have back up electricity available for overcast winter days. We don’t use this at all during summer as no backup power is needed to assist our African sun for 8-10 months of the year.

You get High Pressure systems, Low Pressure systems as well as Split Systems. Make sure your choice is appropriate for your needs.

I recommend Gui Valadeo in the Gauteng region of SA for professional service and free, detailed and super helpful consultations regarding solar geysers and what will work best for your home. EFS logoAs Gui says, “Not many things in life are free, but fortunately sunlight is. Living in South Africa we get an average of 2500 hours of sunlight a year – it’s called Sunny South Africa for a reason!)… this amazing power source is tax free, exchange rate free and inflation free. Never mind the incredible savings that Solar power can create, we also have a responsibility to protect our little blue planet for future generations.”

An average household’s geyser uses 40% to 50 % of your electricity so just imagine the savings with solar!

Gui advises as follows:

When looking to invest on a solar geyser, there are a few key points that you must consider:

  • System with long life span
  • Minimum of 10 year manufacturer warranty
  • Quality products, installations and fittings will provide you with the most efficient system, efficiency equals more money you save every day!
  • quick recouperation of the original investment

Click here for more detail on FES’s products and HOW VACUUM SOLAR COLLECTORS WORK


Check this video out for the most basic way to make your own solar water heating system:

  • Solar Oven

These box type ovens are fantastic – except for when there is no sun whatsoever. And u got to plan ahead some, starting supper at around noon… The box is mobile so you can place it anywhere u have sun, and also take it with u on holiday.


1) You can buy a double compartment Solar Stove online here if you live in North America. Eartheasy is the best!

Eartheasy logo

2) My other favourite online store for anywhere South of the equator, especially in Southern Africa, is here at logo




If you are like me with a do-it-yourself addiction, then make your own – watch this very simple design, and then a few more options in the video after this one…

Please leave comments at the end of this page to give us feedback on trying your own.


  • Water

My 1000L rain tank with my famous Lazy Housewife beans

My 1000L rain tank with my famous Lazy Housewife beans

Rain water harvesting is the way to go. Some say that the next war on Earth will not be about power, money or land, nor will it be about religion.

The next war, some say, will be about water.

Warka Water Towers in Ethiopia

Warka Water Towers in Ethiopia

We are fast running out of clean drinking water. My favorite way of making sure I have at least irrigation water, is to harvest rain water.

And it doesn’t have to look boring either…

More cool stuff on water harvesting are on my other pages – click here.

Of course the harvested water can also be filtered so u can use it as potable / drinking water.

Another clever invention (using ancient technology of water extraction from air via condensation) is this water bottle that fills itself, perfect for a long distance hike or bicycle ride. Just beware that this water has no minerals in it so that it leaches minerals from your body when you drink it: It needs mineral additives such as a few drops of desalinated sea water – read the article carefully. Ingenious!


    1. Try this system of a handy straw that u drink water through, with its own filter – from Earth Easy if you are in the Northern Hempshere’s America’s.
    2. Anywhere else in the world, check this out from’s online store by clicking on the image in the pic below:

The same system applies for more bulk pure water delivery. I love this green action, in the true sense of sharing is caring. YOU CAN PARTICIPATE TOO AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE:

This is how it works:

  • Wind

We get different kinds of wind power systems and newer versions are being designed all the time.

Windpark Germany 2


The main problem with wind energy turbines and towers is the space they require and the place they are located: The moving parts – the actual blades that turn round and round – are very dangerous and can kill birds passing through, especially endangered birds that may use this path as their migration route, since these machines tend t be placed in natural areas in mountainous terrains where it is very windy…

New designs are fixing these problems and some are even designed without blades like this Spanish design.

  • Waste

Organic Waste and Synthetic Waste. From big to small, many choices are available on the market and you can also do it yourself.

This kitchen unit for re-purposing your organic kitchen scraps is a beaut!

Synthetic waste is also a perfect raw material for energy. My favorite is the process called Pyrolysis. Check below how it works:


  • Gas

Bio-gas is the best answer here, and its ancient technology has withstood the test of time indeed.


In the video above on Pyrolysis the process shows that a gas is also one of the byproducts which can be captured, bottled and used for gas cooking, gas heating, gas lighting and gas engines.

You can even build it yourself!

  • Transport

Getting around without increasing my carbon footprint to me means mainly WALKING and CYCLING.

I shop on foot or by bike, do errands in town and get around the same way. My bike is also my gym.

Mountain biking with my dogs - win win for all 3 of us, as well as for the planet

Mountain biking with my dogs – win win for all 3 of us, as well as for the planet

mbt with dogs to school



NOTICE: This site is always expanding. We rely on you to add more relevant stuff.

What are your ideas and opinions on green energy? What more would you like to add or see on Green Energy?

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