Going green means change – changing your lifestyle, changing where and how you go to places, changing where and what you shop, and changing the way you think, and act.

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But first watch this 8 and a half minute video. How do u feel? Did it move u, or not? Could u relate?


Going green means re-purposing waste. It means conserving waterharvesting rain water. Like this:

Bulungula project (Eastern Cape - Wild Coast)

Bulungula project: Harvesting rainwater and pumping it with solar powered energy (Eastern Cape – Wild Coast). Wikimedia Commons

Or like this:

Going green means choosing Fair Trade products, using natural and green or home made household cleaners.

Or it could mean working online and minimizing your carbon footprint by using less fossil fuels to get around.
You get the picture.

Is going green uncomfortable?

Well, yes and no. Most of us want to be comfortable, but how many of us are actually stuck in our comfort zone? And consequently in a tight squeeze?


Challenge your comfort zone? Or expand your comfort zone…

But that does not mean you are going to be un-comfortable. In fact, nowadays people are talking about expanding my comfort zone as apposed to changing or taking it away.

Bottom line is that life does begin at the end of my comfort zone as going green starts life whereas the safety and neutral inaction of the known zone effectively stops life. Ever tried swimming without paddling?

Going green ideas for home

You don’t need to leave home to change. Green ideas for your home and for yourself is a good start.

Try home exercise and meditation, gardening, green DIY ideas,  or simply playing with the kids (it beats going to the gym!).

Green shopping

Lower your carbon footprint: If you gonna leave home and need to shop ( I am not talking about online shopping where surfing is just finger exercise 😉 ) then walk, or take your bicycle. Trust me, cycling to the shop is way better than trying to find parking or paying for parking. In fact, backpack on my back and two wheels under me, I ride right up to the door of the shop and some shops even let me go right inside with my bike…

Mbt in bush

Green exercise

Get a dog , or two. Love your dog, walk your dog, run your dog or cycle with your dog. Dogs rock!

mbt with dogs to school

Eco outings and recreation

Then there are nature visits, walks and recreation time. Ever hugged a tree? Scientists have proven that nature wakes us up, literally. Being with nature revitalizes our minds and is super good for our bodies.


Happiness is…

When you feel fit, you feel happy, you can have so much more fun and you live life to its fullest! And what’s more, you save money: no / less doctors’ bills, less or no medicines, less trips to the shopping mall, more quality family time, and many more. Now isn’t that something to put a smile on your dial?

Who knows the 3 R’s ?

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle 


Separating our waste at home, from the kitchen straight into the different bins, is already a big bonus and gets you major brownie points on all levels.

Your kids will think you are trendy and finally with it, your mother will think you are the bee’s knees, and your husband / wife / lover / best friend will be, well, green, with jealousy.


Creative ideas for recycling

Click on the picture below for cool ideas of how and what to do with junk:



Plastic seduction

Look around you. We are constantly witnessing the destruction of the environment. More and more waste gets thrown on more and more landfills.

Personally, my eco warrior mission is to reuse waste by transforming it into beautiful art, into useful construction materials, and to save the environment plus save people money.

This video from the Plastic Pollution Coalition organisation is a mind bender – check it out:

Constantly recycling will certainly help, but there’s a more fun way to do it and many creative ways for recycling unusable items. You only need a little work and a lot of ideas.

New technology

BUT: new technology is bringing us more solutions to the plastic problems. Check out the video below and leave a comment at the end of the page with your feedback, I’d love to hear from you.

You can also go here for more detail on how this system called Pyrolysis works.

Green Food

Then there is food. How green is my diet? Which foods are best for you, and best for the environment? What kind of foods should you eat for health, wealth and happiness?

My own choices are based on fresh, natural, easy to get hold of and prepare, and color. Yes, the rainbow is my game and color is my name :)

Check this out for the best guide in organic food gardening:

Urban Eco Organic Gardening Guide

Eat right for your body

Ultimately it is a free choice and one that best suits your lifestyle, your body and your pocket. Take a look at the various options and decide for yourself – remember to make it fun and light…

  • Add color to your diet


As an artist, I am a color freak, I do Color Meditation every morning of my life along with a Sun Salute Yoga routine of about 5-10 minutes. I guess I am the epitome of the Rainbow Nation as my country is often called. I tell my kids this, I preach it to my wife, and I will say it again: eat colorful food and you will live life as sprightly and brightly as, well, a rainbow.

However, I love a balanced diet. And that means also eating meat.

  • Meat diet

I live in South Africa and we love our meat – braai we call it, which is same as a barbeque. Some of us eat red meat only. And for vegetables we eat chicken 😉 . But there are many pros and cons of eating meat.  Another really intense adventure into eating sustainably is this blog – see especially his experiments with practicing being a Freegan! You can also read my post about the choice you have – to eat meat, or not to eat meat: that is the question…

  • Vegetarian Diet

Even though I am South African, and a White African man to boot, I really do love veggies.

  • Vegan Diet

Vegan is the more extreme vegetarian diet, and some would say the more pure. As we are an ever evolving species and our survival on this planet is more and more pointing us towards ways and means to behave in tune with what we can sew and reap or hunt and gather with as little as possible destruction to our environment, we have to think about foods and nutrition very carefully.

  • Paleo Diet

A newish and trendy way to eat lots and lots of protein. This is in fact similar to the way my body chooses to eat. Again, with balance.

Check it our here. What would your body choose?

  • Blood Type Diet

I have tried and tested almost every kind of diet on this planet. But never eating what is right for my blood type. My closest version to this was the Ayurvedic Diet, where you eat what is right for your body type. It was and is a wonderful way to lighten your body mass and feel more energized and present, in the here and now, right in your body.

There are many more diets – Banting, Fruitarian, Naturalist, Breatharian, and so on. Google it, it is your choice to use the vast amount of information and experiences available to you, or not.

Environmental effects of consumerism

Responsibility is the umbrella term for our free choices. It’s science – every action has a consequence. It’s Spirituality – every thought or belief is energy and attracts or pushes away the same. It is The Laws of Attraction.

What would you choose?

Grow your own food / buy organic and locally produced

My veggie patch in my suburban garden in Johannesburg

My veggie patch in my suburban garden in Johannesburg

In them old days, all foods were organic. Most people
planted and looked after their own produce or had direct contact with local farmers who supplied them. Even in cities, farmers came into markets to supply and sell meat and fresh produce. Farming and food production was not yet reliant on fossil fuels, as it is today, and was very labor-intensive. It was also better for the land and most people knew where their food came from.

Chemicals in our food

Since the industrialization of our species and increasing urbanization that goes with it, our food is produced on huge scales, and chemicals that go with it are, to say the very least, not exactly palatable.

Choosing to eat organic and free range fowls and grass fed meat, as nature intended, is probably by far the healthiest: for us humans, as well as for the Earth in all respects.

Compost / Recycling bio waste

Better yet – grow your own, compost your leftover kitchen waste, or buy from local suppliers and cut your carbon footprint right down to size. Food waste is one of our planet’s biggest concerns and here is a fantastic way to participate in making your food waste good for the environment.

Natural food for your pet

Going nuts. WIkimedia commons

Going nuts. WIkimedia commons

All creatures – us apes included – have been eating natural diets for way longer than we have been eating McDonald’s.

Food for pets is the same as for humans: where possible, choose food for your pet as nature intended.

Save money and Happy Survival – the Green Way


ouma and gardening

by Nikodemis

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